Workshop Makis
Karras Makis - Furniture Processing Workshop - Lighting - Decoration - Athens Attica


Welcome to Workshop Makis, a furniture, lighting and decoration processing workshop in the heart of Athens, based at Durouti 4. Here, we undertake furniture processing and decoration services that renew your space with a touch of originality and aesthetics.

We are often asked about what we can create for their space. Through social media, we receive many questions and comments as our customers trust our aesthetic and give us freedom to create something unique for them. It is a process that inspires us and makes us happy, because we see the satisfaction of our customers as our top priority.


  Our source of inspiration:


Our source of inspiration comes primarily from the people we serve. Each project is unique and shaped based on the needs and style of each client. The process of recycling old furniture is the heart of Workshop Makis, where we give new life to old pieces and give them a completely new character.

We believe that timelessness is key to a decorative approach that lasts, so we prefer to invest in old pieces that will stand the test of time. We only use synthetic materials, as we believe in the value of sustainability and environmental protection.

At Workshop Makis, we do not follow specific trends and fashions. Each of our creations is unique and adapted to the needs and style of each customer. What inspires us is creating pieces that reflect the personality and character of each person who owns them.


If you wish to breathe new life into your space with original and unique pieces, contact us today to discuss your needs and create something extraordinary together!