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Buena Vista Social Bar

Welcome to Buena Vista Social Bar, the national venue that uniquely combines the feeling of the Caribbean with the imposing Parthenon in the background, creating an unforgettable venue. Designed by set designer Konstantinos Kasidiaris in collaboration with Workshop Makis, the Buena Vista Social Bar welcomes you to a beautiful terrace that offers a special all-day experience.

From morning to night, this unique space promises to take you on a journey to exotic Cuba. With vintage decorative touches that highlight the romance and authenticity of the place, Buena Vista Social Bar creates a unique atmospheric environment.

Here, you can enjoy not only the sweeping view of Athens and the Parthenon, but also enjoy culinary delights that take you on a journey through the flavors of Cuba. From traditional Cuban dishes to exquisite cocktails, our menu offers you an unforgettable taste experience.

Come and enjoy the relaxed and exotic character of Buena Vista Social Bar, where music, flavors and atmosphere combine to give you a unique experience of fun and enjoyment.