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Welcome to Sodade2, a destination curated by the talented stage designer Konstantinos Kasidiaris and realized with the experience and aesthetics of Workshop Makis.

Here, in the center of Gazi, in the building on Triptolemou street, Sodade2 is one of the most interesting destinations in the city. By reviving a historic club, a space was created that makes an important social statement.

Over the years, we have invested generously in our space, constantly offering something new and fresh through frequent renovations and configurations. At Sodade2, we invite you to discover a world full of music, dance and artistic expression, while at the same time enjoying our variety of drinks and our fine culinary offer.

With the spirit of community and fun, Sodade2 promises to give you an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time. Come celebrate life and art together, creating unforgettable moments and memories.